B Flat
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Sight Reading on iPhone and iPad

Improve your sight reading skills.

The B Flat app for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch will help you learn and improve your music sheet reading skills - whether you are a beginner, music student or professional musician. Beginners will benefit from the integrated wikiHow article* for learning sheet music reading and the special exercises for first-time users. Advanced users can significantly increase their sheet music reading speed.

*Only on iOS.

Practice more efficiently

B Flat remembers misread notes and will display them more often. This increases the learning effect. The results are clearly presented with statistical charts so the learner will easily recognize their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their progress. And for all those who not only want to learn how to read music, but also want to delve deeper into music theory, our "Better Ears" aural training app is just the thing.

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No timeout

Compared to similar apps, B Flat has no timeout. Instead, depending on the needed time, a time bonus will be given. To practice in this way makes learning to read sheet music more enjoyable for beginners and thus they will succeed faster. Advanced users in turn have the incentive to complete the exercise more quickly.

Apple Watch Support

With an Apple Watch, you can improve your skills on the go. The iPhone can stay in your pocket.