What is MAMP Cloud?

The very popular cloud function of MAMP PRO is now also available in MAMP. MAMP Cloud allows you to save and load your host and your data of one database using Dropbox. You can easily save your host and database data in the cloud and later retrieve it on another computer, or on the same computer, when backing up data before making changes on your host.

How does MAMP Cloud work?

As soon as MAMP Cloud is linked to your dropbox you can start. Now all data belonging to your project such as files, directories and databases* are automatically loaded into the cloud. If your data is stored in the cloud, you can retrieve it at any time with any computer on which the latest version of MAMP or MAMP PRO is installed.

MAMP: 1 database / MAMP PRO: any number of databases

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Of course, the cloud function is already included in MAMP PRO and you can get started right away.
For the free MAMP you can buy MAMP Cloud in our shop (one-time purchase - no subscription).

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Backup your productive data

Use MAMP Cloud to create a backup of your project data in no time at all. For example, you can easily restore your development to an earlier state, or recover your data after a local data loss.

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Work on different computers

You are a digital nomad and work on your projects in the office, at home or on the road? With MAMP Cloud you always have your data with you. Simply click on "Save to Cloud" and then on "Load from Cloud". Boom! Your data is here.

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Move your data

MAMP Cloud is your personal digital relocation assistant. Back up your data from your current computer to the cloud and then download it from your new computer. MAMP Cloud takes care of box packing for you.

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