What is MAMP Cloud?

The very popular cloud function of MAMP PRO is now also available in MAMP. MAMP Cloud allows you to save and load your host and your data of one database using Dropbox. You can easily save your host and database data in the cloud and later retrieve it on another Mac, or on the same Mac, when backing up data before making changes on your host.

How does MAMP Cloud work?

Once MAMP Cloud is connected to your Dropbox account you will be able to save all of your project data, including your database and document root folder into the Cloud. Once your project data is uploaded to the cloud you will be able to retrieve it on any computer with MAMP 4.4 (or higher) installed.

MAMP Cloud is a one time purchase, not a subscription. By using MAMP Cloud you not only get a handy tool which makes your coding life easier, you also support the further development of the popular and free software MAMP.

What is the purpose of MAMP Cloud?

Work on different machines, move or backup your project data.

Backup your productive data

Use MAMP Cloud to make an effective backup of your project data. This way you easily roll back to a former stage of development or rescue your work in case of local data loss.

Work on different computers

With MAMP Cloud you can easily continue your office work at home and vice versa. Just click on "Save to Cloud" and afterward on "Load from Cloud” to continue your work on your other computer.

Move your data

If you need to migrate your data from one computer to another, MAMP Cloud is an easy solution for this. Just save your project to the cloud and reimport it on your new device.