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What's new?

MAMP PRO 6 is packed with new features and improvements to make your life as a web developer easier and faster: Clone hosts, use the new PHP 8, create and use host blueprints, use the new simplified default view for your daily workflow, benefit from the vastly improved editor, or easily test your scripts with Mailhog and forget about configuring SMTP. These are just some of the new features in MAMP PRO 6 that make Wordpress development on the Mac a breeze.

Less, but better

MAMP PRO 6 introduces the Standard View. Here you will find all the important settings you need on a regular basis. For experienced users, Expert View contains all available settings.

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Blueprints for WordPress developers

Build once, use many times

Build a complex website or WordPress theme once and use it as a blueprint for as many sites as you want. With WordPress plugins, themes, whatever, once created and configured, a blueprint is the perfect starting point for your future WordPress projects.

Mailhog - local email testing

Mailhog - Email Testing, Zero Configuration

No one wants to deal with complicated mail server configurations just for testing. You shouldn't either, which is why MAMP PRO 6 includes the popular Mailhog for testing email functionality on a local server.

cloning hosts for WordPress developers


You are dealing with hosts, not sheep (probably). Nevertheless, we have taught MAMP PRO the art of cloning. It's the most convenient way to experiment with different versions of a website or WordPress theme. This is especially useful for developing WordPress sites on your Mac.

Imprting an exporting WordPress sites

Improved WordPress Support

Much improved WordPress development support allows you to publish and import your Wordpress sites faster and more reliably than ever before. MAMP PRO even keeps your WordPress installation intact when you change a host's settings (name, port, SSL). This way, you can easily develop your WordPress site locally on your Mac and then deploy it to your live server. You can also download a complete WordPress site to your Mac, develop with it locally, and then publish it again.

WordPress Migration

WordPress Migration

Want to change your WordPress hosting provider? No problem, just use our WordPress migration tool to easily migrate your WordPress site to a new provider. Of course, you can do this without revealing any of your passwords.

Apache Icon

Apache 2.4

To match your live server specifications, MAMP PRO 6 supports the latest version of the popular Apache web server.

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Built in editor

Completely Revamped Editor

The editor built into MAMP PRO is now based on Microsoft's Monaco engine. It features diff support, a mini-map for faster navigation, multiple selections, code folding and much more.

SSL lock

Improved SSL Handling

When creating an SSL host, all necessary certificates are created automatically. And web browsers that support the macOS keychain won't even complain about validity.

Many More Features in Version 6

These are just a few of the new features and improvements in MAMP PRO 6. Other new features include support for renaming hosts (even  hosts developed with WordPress), a vastly improved Expert View, the addition of OneDrive for cloud providers, advanced snapshot handling, a simplified host creation dialog, saving and sharing remote host settings, and much more.

Unlimited sites

Unlimited Number of Hosts

With MAMP PRO, you can create as many hosts as you need. Each host can be individually configured to exactly match the target system. For example, you can choose whether you need an Apache or NginX web server, which version of PHP is required, or if and which caching system is used. This allows you to work on your different projects in parallel without losing sight of the big picture.

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php on Mac

Multi PHP

In CGI mode, you can run each of your virtual hosts with its own version of PHP. This allows you to test your projects with different versions of PHP without having to restart the servers. You can choose from a wide range of PHP versions from PHP 5.3.x to PHP 8.2.x.

Module mode allows you to select a version of PHP that will automatically run on all your hosts. This is useful, for example, if you want to verify that your projects are running on a particular version of PHP.

Snapshots are useful for Wordpress developers


You can save any state for any of your hosts - the root directory including the associated database is saved. Restore the state of a host at any time. Of course, this also works with all of your WordPress sites. In an emergency, snapshots can save hours or even days of work.

Mobile Testing

Responsive websites are a must. Testing your projects on mobile devices in your local network has never been easier, thanks to the MAMP Viewer app for iOS. It is available for free in the App Store. With our local name server NAMO you can even test NAMO without an app on any device in the LAN. We also offer MAMP PRO & NAMO together in an attractive bundle.

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MAMP Cloud

MAMP Cloud

The Cloud feature allows you to copy all or individual hosts to your Dropbox or OneDrive. The root directory of the host and its databases are backed up. Now you can easily work on your projects, ,such as WordPress sites, on different computers. You can also use the cloud feature to back up individual or all hosts. Unlike the free MAMP, the cloud feature is included in MAMP PRO.

More about MAMP Cloud functions

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