appdoo Releases appdoo Release notes


  • Support for macOS 10.15 (Catalina): Apple has notarized the software, the gatekeeper of macOS can now recognize that appdoo does not contain any malicious code.
  • Under macOS 10.15 (Catalina) projects could not be saved.
  • Screen view: Fixed malfunctions (macOS 10.15 (Catalina)).
  • Screen view: The background mode selection has been removed.
  • Document View: A debug output (Xcode) was removed.
  • Card: removed a debug output (Xcode).
  • Overview
  • An incorrect rendering was fixed. This occurred after a device change.
  • Sometimes it was not possible to delete multiple screens at once.
  • In the German version of appdoo the documentation could not be opened.
  • Each time the project is exported from appdoo, the build number is increased by 1.
  • If updates are checked at program startup, a message is only displayed if an update is available.


  • The transparency of the background color of a list cell (List View) set in appdoo was not adopted in the iOS project.
  • It could happen that changes (add or remove screen) on the overview were automatically undone after opening and closing the project properties.
  • Corrected a bug in the German translation for the dialog to create a new screen.
  • Improved the internal processing of the JavaScript content of the "Data Processing" element.


  • After deleting a screen from the project, the app could not be created from the exported Xcode project in some cases.
  • A debug output (log) was removed.
  • The default color of the elements of the category "Basic Shapes" was changed.
  • The background of the area around the work space can now be changed between light and dark via the context menu.
  • Map View: Simplified the display of properties.
  • Photo Slider: Fixed an inaccuracy in the text in the "Data Links" area.
  • Photo Slider: This element has been completely reworked and reimplemented.
  • Data links: The spelling of "0-index" (English) and "0-Index" (German) has been standardized for all elements.
  • Search Bar: The "Hidden" field has been added to the "Data Links" section.
  • Multiline Text Field: The "Hidden" field has been added to the "Data Links" area.
  • Multiline Text Field: The "Background Color" field was added to the "Data Links" area.
  • Image View: Fixed a bug when exporting the app. This could occur under certain circumstances when using the data links of this element. The app could not be created from the exported Xcode project.
  • App export: The handling of bundle identifiers has been improved.
  • The handling of the app icon has been improved.
  • Overview: An error with the identification of the start screen has been fixed.


  • First release.