appdo Create Apps for iPhone without coding

What is appdoo?

With appdoo you can create native iOS apps without programming knowledge and publish them in the App Store. appdoo is intended for all those who have a great idea for an app but don't have the necessary programming knowledge.

On the other hand, appdoo is suitable for very quickly creating a prototype of an app concept and then testing it on an iOS device and distributing it to others. Numerous sample projects ensure an easy start and fast results.

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appdoo on iPad, iPhone and Mac

Easy but flexible

With appdoo, apps can be developed without programming skills. But appdoo also offers the integration of self-created JavaScript code. This guarantees an enormously high flexibility in app creation.

Create your own app in 3 easy steps

1. Create your app with appdoo

You don't need any programming skills to create your app. With appdoo almost everything works by drag and drop. Let your imagination run wild and create exciting and exciting apps.

2. Test on your iOS device(s)

After you've finished your app with appdoo, click the Publish button and appdoo will export your project to Xcode. Now you can easily launch and test your app on your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively you can download the appdoo Preview app to your iOS device and get a preview of your project - without the detour via Xcode.

3. Export to Xcode and publish to the App Store

appdoo creates native apps for iOS that you can distribute through the App Store. All you need is an Apple Developer Account and you can share your app with the rest of the world.

Create rapid prototypes

Use appdoo for rapid prototyping your apps

Quickly produce interactive prototypes that look and behave like your desired app. Your prototypes can even be distributed to customers or colleagues for viewing via TestFlight. This way they can get a good impression of whether their concept behaves as intended even before programming the app.

iPhone Programming Tool on Mac

Simple screen management

With appdoo it is child's play to create the structure of your apps. Define a start screen and then any number of other "pages". With appdoo you can even create extensive app structures in no time at all using drag and drop.


appdoo project preview on your device

With our appdoo Preview app, you can see exactly how your app behaves and "feels" on a real device. Simply install the free appdoo Preview App from the App Store. The preview is then conveniently done via WLAN on your own iOS device.

Device Simulator

Whether iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPad Pro or any other iOS device, you can quickly preview how your app will look on different devices right on the screen of your Mac.

Awesome Features

appdoo comes with many features and makes app development a breeze.


Free-form canvas

Take advantage of diverse design possibilities.

Data integration

Integrate data, locally and from the web.

Real-time preview

See the result while you are creating it.


Create custom forms and send data to the web.


Animate individual objects in a scene.


Create an audio player with custom controls.


Evaluate data using JavaScript

Data filters

Create search interfaces for various forms of data.

Freeform editor

Individual objects can be positioned freely in a scene.